Saturday, March 16, 2013

Thunder from Down Under

Six Australian musclemen
learned to make their way
by moving to the beat
learning exotic steps to bump
and grind along the Vegas strip
hired to entertain the guests
in clubs along the lighted highway.

Somewhere in their collected past
are families and classmates
who remember them as little kids
normal in every way, so how did they take
this public turn, from ordinary to flamboyant?

Were they shy and easily bullied
used body building to intimate?
Learned to dance showing off 
on corner streets?

What brought these six men together? 
Was it an unpredictable economy
demanding something out of the ordinary?

Whatever the case, these men are living a dream
pulling in crowds internationally. 

An elderly couple found 
their way into the show,
while he was getting drinks, 
she was pulled on stage 
as part of the routine. 

He was outraged and ran
to rescue his beloved 
no matter the cost.

Such a contrast in male chivalry
several generations apart
one programmed to protect his woman
the other sees her as a moment of fun.

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