Sunday, March 3, 2013

Magic Brew

Recipes from grandmother
handed down for generations
a lavender tea for a belly ache, 

adding spices like; cinnamon

eucalyptus, raspberry, fennel, 
mint, parsley, or celery seeds.

Sprinkle into a pot sitting on a fire
let it steam, gurgle, and boil over,
stir with a wooden mixing spoon

strain and drain then store in bottles
or ceramic containers with sterile lids
place in cool places until needed.

No written scripts to help recall
precise lists of ingredients
so the only way to learn these brews

is with regular visits with grandmother
“Use chaparral tea for respiratory problems,
kidney disorders, and irregular periods.

Mother Nature gives us
an abundant source of medicines;
roots and barks found in the woods,

herbs, weeds and toadstools growing wild
careful with each selection because 

one can heal and the other can kill."

Training for those chosen 
takes place 
in the kitchen of the grandmother,
a woman, whose face reflects the fire

creating magic in a large black pot

chopping, stirring and mixing
long after the mood has risen.

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