Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Address Book

I bought a new address book
five years ago, didn’t have time
to rewrite all those names and numbers
but today when I sat down to complete
this simple task I noticed all the hours
I saved by waiting.

So many moved away
their addresses changed
tried to find the new ones
listed on a post-it-note or
scrap piece of paper
must have lost them along the way.

Others were divorced,
no longer a couple
now I have two addresses
instead of one.

The biggest change were people
who died in those years. There was
my Uncle Bud and Aunt Ellie, brothers,
Jimmy, John and Joe and more.

Too many losses in too few years
had to put away the address book
take a break and reflect

figured if I waited another five
there would be no need to continue
so I poured a cup of coffee,
and in the quiet of the morning

let the sun warm my bones
while I remembered the days
when my address book was full.

with all the family and friends I knew. 

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