Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Writing In Ink

Sister Devine said to use pen instead 
of pencil because it made you think
before you wrote a thought down.  

Created an accuracy when you knew
the mark was permanent and couldn’t be erased,
corrected or removed, much like original sin.

So like women in the religious orders
exacting consequences for minor offenses.
holding everyone they met to a higher standard
and making them suffer when they failed.

Oh bless you sweet sisters, for all the lessons
in frugality, temperance and sacrifice,
creating unnecessary suffering

punishing before any mistake was made.
Giving me perfect writing on linen paper,
with well scripted messages

in smooth tracks of blue ink,
carefully blotted, before it is folded,
stuffed in an envelope
and sent in the mail

now replaced with e-mail
wiping out all the hours of practice
of making things perfect in ink. 

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