Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tortillas and Other Flatbreads

Mothers around the globe
make tortillas for their families
some use wheat, others corn
but the process is basically the same

grind the grain to a fine powder
add some type of fat, salt and water
mix it together to get the right consistency
roll it out on a flat surface and cook it on a hot grill.

There is the arepa from Venezuela
bobboli for pizza in America
the bammy is a specialty of Jamaica
and barbari bread the taste of Iran.

Some are called cracker breads
and are cooked a little crisp
others are filled with spices
to add flavor to the basic dish

bolo de milho from  Brazil
chapatti hail from India
paraki is an Armenian favorite
focaccia is well known from Italy
and the lapyoshka all the way from Russia.

The gordita  matches its Spanish name,
the honokakor comes from Sweden,
injera is an Ethiopian essential,
and lefse a Norwegian staple,
mu shu shells a Peking delight.

Pita bread is so common in America
many forget in comes from our mid eastern
immigrants, the pupusa is from El Salvador
all these different breads taste like home
for different people around the world. 

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