Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Creative Juices

If we could gather the fruits of ideas from the inspiration tree
and squeeze them out for all to see, manifested in physical form:
dance, art, music, math, science, architecture, social structures,
what a difference we could make in the world but so often
we doubt  our vision, or those nudges from the divine.

We pass them off as impossible intrusions and thus they languish
inviting rats and other pest to destroy any semblance of creative
juice leaving a stagnant stench, the crud of human misery.

What if the weather changes, economic downturn and political unrest
were the result of our sinfulness and slothfulness, or narcissistic
perusal of the trite and trivial, leaving the grander schemes unopened
and untried. God is having a tantrum to get our attention to wake us up
so we don’t fall victim to despair and to accept the challenges set before us.

Get to work rather than fear the end is near.  

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