Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Glint On His Sword

You drew a picture of Michael the Archangel
paying close attention to his armor
and visage to make the attention
of his mind and body deeply focused
on his battle with Lucifer.

You choose watercolors of transparent hues
to add depth and symbolism
to your picture capturing a historical event
chronicled in the old testament.

You kept it awhile but finally found a buyer
who was thrilled to have this event
immortalized in artistic form for her home.

You asked her to take a picture for your record
and lo and behold a glint from Michael’s sword
made you realize the power of the painting
transcended time and space 

reminding us the battle against evil continues
and we must be ever watchful
for it is still a powerful force 
loose among us today. 

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