Friday, August 31, 2012

Rain Dance

The summer heat and drought sucked the life
out of the harvest. “We need rain!”

the tribe cried out to the chieftain and the shaman

who summoned the drummers and flute players bringing feathers
and headdresses, turquoise and specifically patterned clothing.

All the men and women gathered to dance for days
or until clouds formed and rain fell from the sky.

The dancers chanted and spun in circles pounding their feet
in a rhythmical beat one that was easy and not too fast

their eyes to the sky they shouted out until clouds gathered,  
“Hey ya ya, hey ya, hey ya ya, hey ya!”

Once the rain fell the job was done, tools were put away until
needed again. If the rain lasts too long they will dance counterclockwise

keeping the balance between humans and spirit
offering up rituals and prayers for blessings from above.

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