Monday, August 6, 2012

A Dream About a Danish Woman

Sometime, during the night, I had a dream
about a Danish woman. She seemed to be
about 28, was wearing a traditional dress
blond hair arranged in a long braid.

She needed to take her driver’s test
but was worried her hair wouldn’t fit
into her Volkswagen Bug
and suggested to her husband
that he cut off her hair. 

He preferred she rolled it up on top 
of her head but she was afraid
she wouldn’t be able to fit into the car
or be off balance and fall to the floor.

She decided to wind it up like a rope
he could take it and arrange it on the back seat.
she wouldn’t get out of the car until
the test was completed at which point 

I woke-up craving a cinnamon bun 
or other Danish pastry treat 
with some hot coffee and cream.  

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