Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Life As You Knew It

Once, life was a mystery new discoveries
like your hands and feet, kept you fascinated
for hours. You had to learn how to walk and talk

went to school to learn all you could
things like mathematics and science.
Adolescences brought you knowledge

about love and relationships
you could look up at the sky and tell what
the weather would be like

and predict if a person was telling the truth
you knew when to cross traffic safely
and how to get from here to Arkansas.

You recognized beauty
and knew what you liked, however absurd,
and you knew when you had enough;

food, foolishness and tom foolery
but life as you knew it occurs as a dream
that confidence and certainty is waning

crossing the street is becoming a challenge
sight, hearing, and balance all taken from you
you no longer work, no longer drive,

you try to flirt but no one responds to your smile
everything that was new has become old
the things you’ve accumulated are worthless

You try to find god among the clouds
and worry your life’s effort might not have pleased him.
Your friends have disappeared, they’re too sick,

or have moved away to live with their children
or are in a home and in some cases already dead.

The autonomy you worked for your whole life
is being peeled away like the skin from an onion

all that is left are the tears because your teeth are gone
so is your hair, no more quick wit or memory

however much you loved your life…
it is now time to say goodbye.

In memory of an old man Sally took care of 
before he passed. 

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