Friday, August 3, 2012

The Wind

The wind, on any warm day,
can fan fire for hours
spreading across several acres.

It sweeps the deserts forming large
dust clouds redesigning the landscape
with new dunes and clusters of tumbleweeds.

It can become a hurricane, 

bringing flood and devastation 
to the shoreline and beyond

then like a dancer on the stage
it can twirl in tight circles
letting the centrifugal force 

pull all objects toward the sky
letting them scatter on the ground
several miles away.

Sometimes the wind only pushes
the clouds around, or pulls off a hat,
turns an umbrella upside down

sometimes it comes with days of snow
howling through the rafters
telling us winter is here to stay.

People can get the wind knocked out of them
but when the wind is taken from their sails
they can waste away on open waters for days.

Once in awhile they can be the wind
beneath another’s wings causing that 
person to soar to new heights

or the breeze that catches the seeds
and sews them across the land
from here to Ireland. 

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