Saturday, August 18, 2012

Angels of Creation

Before humans
wandered the earth
the work of creation began

in large workrooms
with lots of colors
and substances made
of water, 
wind and fire.
Free reign was given
to the angels within
to design creatures
from blowfish to eels
anomie to hammer head
black bears and lions

pulling from the
imagination of god
where everything is

yielding to external laws
of gravity and oxygen
but the basic design
in each creature
is the same;

the need for food, shelter
protection from prey
others like themselves

so they can reproduce
be born and to die

land creatures similar
to those in the water
some are plants or birds
others insects, mammals

and into this mix come humans
simple yet complex
given the power of the kingdom
and dominion over all
living things, Amen. 

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