Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tumbleweed Fever

I stayed up late to watch
an old western
and there was Sam Elliot,
confessing he had a case
of tumbleweed fever.

A young widow, Katherine Ross,
was writing love poems
and attaching them
to tumbleweeds.

Her words taken by the wind
were discovered by
different cowboys,
along the high chaparral.

She made the men crazy,
her yearning so transparent,
every man wanted to be the one
she was longing for.

Makes me wonder what times
would be like for a single woman
so alone with no safety net
trying to etch out a living among
the red cliffs and piƱon pines.

Most would not
have the happy ending
in the arms of Sam Elliot
along the Mexican border
in the land of the Apache.

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