Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Four Short Poems

What’s Important
Shovels are important to dig holes
to plant, build, or bury your dead.

Pens are important and great writing tools
to write letters, essays, poems and novels.

Lipstick is important and enhances a kiss
to leave an imprint for others to see.

Rings are important in the trunk of a tree to reveal its age
and on your finger to show others you belong to me.

The Tree
The light of summer reveals a shady spot
where we lingered and whispered in each other’s ears
where our initials are carved in the trunk and you said you loved me
where our tears soaked in the grass when I said I’d marry you
where our children climbed high in the branches
where we lay on our blanket and recalled our youth
where I spread your ashes when you were gone.

Red Lipstick
Women don’t wear lipstick like they used to
a bright red heart on an alabaster face
blatant sexuality in all its modesty
copied from whores when the war had ended.

Blue Skies
Every year a child asks,
“Why is the Sky Blue?”
How it is answered depends
on the adult perspective.

Will it be a scientific explanation
or one of mystery?
From that wellspring,
a child’s view of the world grows.

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