Friday, February 26, 2010

A Democratic Government

I live in America under a democratic government
one that says I have a vote as a woman and a minority.
The goals of my elected representatives
are to give voice to my needs and concerns
except when those needs are drowned out
by paid lobbyist and swallowed by corporate greed.

Taxation seems to be the only solution
to every problem and the American dream
seems only available to those who would sell their soul
to the devil in all its incarnations, offering
wealth, power and earthly recognition.

Jails are filled with criminals who tried,
through illegal ways, to attain the same prize
embezzlers, thieves and serial killers.
While those in government, of similar ilk,
gather in groups to pat each other on the back
declaring wars to get rebuilding contracts
and are also the biggest investors of the war machine
providing planes, tanks and weapons of mass destruction.

While I sit back home with an another tax,
my chance for wealth gets the ax.

The cost of health is put on life support
while the powers that be, shout out the reasons
I should be afraid, and what I must do to protect
my family. So I sit at home
watching TV, eating too many snacks
and am accused of being too fat
so now my snacks will be taxed.

I think it’s time to run away
to a land far away
but wait they won’t let me in
they have an immigration limit.
I’m considered undesirable
my age, my gender and my retirement check
don’t meet their minimum requirements.

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