Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Missing You

He sleeps all day
when he spends the weekend away
completely exhausted from all that play
but on the second day he mopes around
and frequently sighs then sleeps again
but he seems sad and walks in circles
looking at the front door
waiting for the return of his playmates.

If he's lucky I invite him to jump
in the car to visit their home
where he can run out to the back yard
and they can play keep-away and tug-a-war
and chase each other until they are tired.

Later they can cuddle together,
and dream the same dreams,
twitching and running,
and then in unison wake up
to run out the door
and start all over again.

A dog can have such
a profound sense of longing.
While he can’t make it happen
I must put in the effort
to give him some time
to be with his friends
so he can romp and play
until he is so tired
that he sleeps all day.

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