Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Reflection on a Rainy Day

The rain fell like a soft mist
on to the ground
sprinkling the flowers
with little jewels of sunlight.

The dog didn't go outside
but peeked through the doggy door
then withdrew, cuddling on the big couch
with a cushion for his head.

My brushes arranged
a palette and easel prepared
and the tea kettle brewing Earl Grey.

Steam on the window
blocked my view of the clouds
I turned on the kitchen light

selected a country and western station
then listened to Willie Nelson sing,
"Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain."

I decided to paint a picture
of the hundred lady bugs I remember
crawling on a post on the coast of Monterey Bay...

a place where the sun was shining
and I was alone with you.

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