Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rows of Alfalfa, Corn and Chili

In Peralta, New Mexico,
outside of Albuquerque

grandpa owned a farm
crossed with irrigation ditches

and rows of alfalfa

each household in the area
had at least one horse or cow

there were also rows of corn
a staple for the people, chickens and pigs

and most important...rows of chili
to make every meal taste better

a simple life

with enough food for everyday living
and a surplus to sell and trade

for necessities like clothes and shoes
except when the gypsies came through

riding on horseback or running on foot
taking what they wanted

the peace disrupted, crops trampled
and clotheslines stripped

tears shed but life continued
grandpa bought a gun

a fence was strung
he bought two big dogs

and kept them hungry
in case the gypsies came his way again.

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