Monday, February 22, 2010

Adolescent Dream

The priest unlocked each silver lock
the armor slowly fell away.
I stood there in a gossamer gown,
an opalescent shimmer on the thread.
I shivered then stepped out
but the priest turned and never look back.

I sat upon a bench, sunlight
on my face and chest.
An old woman, dressed in rags,
shuffled along the cobblestones
stopping right in front
of me. I stood up,
feeling a deep love,
I reached for her but like ash,
she disintegrated in the wind.

Weeping I looked for solace
running back to the armor
but it melted with my touch.

Standing alone I saw a tree
laden with yellow fruit.
I reached for it, tasting the sweet
wet nectar upon my lips.

I smiled realizing
everything would be okay.

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