Saturday, February 27, 2010

Charlie Chaplin

He is recognizable
in his bowler hat,
Hitler mustache,
and little cane.
You can count on him to trip
or have the wind grab his hat
forcing him to chase it down the street
going from one near miss
to the next but even if he falls
he never stops
and is only slightly dumbfounded
by other obstacles that come his way.

He is loved because
no matter what he faced
he didn’t cry or complained
but continued on like an acrobat
always landing on his feet
and maybe that’s why
he is remembered
to this day.

He is a visual metaphor
for dealing with
great depression,
a horrible war,
and social instability.

He should be resurrected,
we need Charlie Chaplin
with his gentle nature,
showing us how to travel life’s path -

keeping our center of gravity
allowing us to roll with the punches,
using our sixth sense to avoid
catastrophic accidents,
allowing our sense of humor
to disarm authority
or anyone
who would take themselves
too seriously.

Ahh…. to be the fool
and to keep on smiling
no matter what
life sends our way.

If you check this out,
♪ Smile - Charlie Chaplin
you can see a video clip
of Charlie with
Michael Jackson singing Smile.

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