Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Holiday for Three

Have you ever taken a three day holiday
with three people on Valentine’s weekend
which also happens to be the beginning
of the Chinese New Year, Year of the Tiger
and also the holiday for President’s Day?

Which event gets the attention or do you do all three,
exchange red envelopes which include red hearts
and one dollar bills with the picture of George Washington?

I think we did it best by traveling on Highway 66
to drive through the mud of our undeveloped land
and then off to the Grand Canyon and snow covered

Flagstaff and then through Sedona
and back home again, bringing our grandson
along for the ride and forgetting about
traditional celebrations and experiencing

the wonder of our diverse environment
creating lifetime memories.


  1. he had the best time with you, he hasn't stopped talking about it yet. thank you so much for taking him along with you and keeping him safe and happy, it is definitely a lifelong memory for him :)

  2. Great pics... love his smile in the last one...