Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hello Brother

"Hello, are you still alive?
I haven’t heard from you
for a month or two."

“I lost your number
so I couldn’t call
but you called me so all is well.”

Conversation is all over the place: 
family, romance and the whole human race.  

“My divorce is finally over
I met someone new, I think she’s the one.
I had a dream my ex-wife was there
but Cindy walked in and I didn't feel sad.

She took my hand, made me feel 
like her superman.”

“Kids are busy with their own lives
feel like an after-thought except 

when they need something
then they remember me.”

“Hope to visit by the end of the month,
I’ll rent a car and visit for awhile
hope you’ll be there.”

“Going to a seminar from a guy 
who says we must rewrite our stories

letting the past slip away
and starting new scripts to live a new way.”

“We’ll talk more and I’ll see you then.”

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