Thursday, January 23, 2014


In my family, Sarah is the smart one, Jason the brave one and
Hector, that's me, is the one who can’t do anything right.

Today for example, Mama wanted to teach us to swim. 

Sarah and Jason waddled off to Mama right away but I didn’t 
move from the nest. I knew what she wanted and 
didn’t want anything to do with it.

I thought she would forget about me but she didn’t.

“Hector,” Mama called out so sweetly.

“I'm not going!” I hollered back, not so sweetly.  

“What’s all the fuss?” Sarah asked.

“It’s Hector,” Jason mumbled rolling his eyes.

That’s when I made a run for it. I sprinted from the nest,
crossed the sidewalk and headed for the road leading 
away from the pond.

“Hector, get back here!” Mama shouted.

“Hector you’ll get hit by a car!” Sarah screamed.
“Hector…oh never mind,” muttered Jason and 
covered his eyes with his wings.

I wondered why they worried about me getting hit by a car 
while they insisted I go with them into deep water?

“Hector, let's go now!” Mama said, using her very stern voice.

I knew she meant business so I got in line with the others and
without a word walked with them until we reached the pond.

Mama stepped in without a fuss, then Sarah followed, soon
Jason was also paddling along. 

I stood at the shore with my toes barely touching the edge and
waited.  I saw my mother, sister, and brother move 
further and further away. 

I looked to my nest where it was safe,
then to the road where it was dangerous,
finally I slipped in and hurried to be with my family.

The funny thing about swimming, 
it isn't so hard once you jump in.  

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