Friday, January 24, 2014

Fate and the Weary Traveler

The sun was warm but the wind still when the path revealed 
itself in the dense woods. The traveler wandered aimlessly not 
knowing that Fate followed his footsteps just over his shoulder. 
His attention was on his own destination even when he saw 
Fate close on his heals. He brushed Fate aside and even 
ignored the warning from the red headed woodpecker 
tapping out “Tread carefully for Fate is following thee.”
The traveler sought his own fortune thinking that his map 
of the world was a better guide. He trusted the telescope 
to look to his future and walked for several miles ignoring 
Fate again and again, and at times even turning to face him 
then chasing him away. The traveler walked this way until he 
was too tired to go on and finally rested along the side 
of the road.
The weary traveler fell asleep in the dark without knowing 
he was on the brink of a steep embankment. 
Soon Fate discovered him once again. 

"This fool," Fate said, "could have an uneasy dream and roll 
off the side of this precipice and die. Some would say that 
I did it.  I do not like to be unjustly accused of things I have 
not done so I will see that doesn’t happen to me."
After saying this Fate pushed the young man and he rolled 
off the side of the embankment. 
The traveler rolled down the perilous cliff tumbling downward 
until he reached the bottom, but he was not injured. Instead 
he awoke upon the rocks. He tried to find his way back up 
when he noticed the sparkle of a stone partially hidden by 
the fallen leaves. He cleared the foliage and branches to 
discover a beautiful ring with a gleaming diamond 
the size of an acorn. 
He took the ring and carefully placed it on his finger so he 
could safely climb back up the side of the hill. He cautiously 
found his way back to the path and headed toward the next town. 
When he arrived he showed the treasure to all he met praising 
Fate for his good fortune. The two traveled together the rest 
of their days.

Moral of the Story: Sometimes fate must shove you off an embankment 
                             for you to find your fortune.

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