Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Whispered Prayers

Prayers whispered when the day is through;
gratitude for the many blessings,
protection for those you love,
guidance for those who have wandered from the path,
and supplication for health, wealth, and peace of mind.
Prayers that last the length of a breath
bring god from above and spreads him upon the earth
as blessings for the living.

Think of your breath with that kind of power
and how gossip becomes a venomous threat
poisoning the lives of those spoken about
it permeates the hearts for the ones who listen
calling darkness upon those who are the subject
of the talk, like a snake hissing in the wood pile
gossip can tear a family apart, destroy a community
a person’s reputation and individual integrity. 

So like it’s brother the rant, spewing forth ill thought
and toxic shock to the systems of those who
are within hearing distance, dripping with malicious
words, towards a government, political leader,
opposing group, manager or boss
truly there is no god in that kind of tirade 

better to whisper a prayer and let the breath
bless the life of everyone in your life. 

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