Monday, October 15, 2012

Fast Food Villanelle

“I’ll take the drive-thru,” he said with a smile; 
It was easy to do it in a large white van
they ordered the meal with a sauce that was mild

drove to a local park under a deep blue sky
ate taquitos, then churros, with sugar and cinnamon

finished quickly then both of them smiled.

Still hungry they let out a sigh
wait for dinner or go to another food stand?
The sun was shining the breeze was mild

maybe wait and have dinner by candlelight
or cross the street where they can

order burgers or chicken both of them smiled.

She wanted the chicken and since she was the wife
they stopped in to listen to the Mexican band
and ordered a meal with a sauce that was mild.

He went to the fountain for a glass of ice
gave her a signal she followed his glance
nodded and pointed with a loving smile.

They were satisfied for the rest of the night
because at these modern fast food restaurants
food was good and things were mild.

When the meal was done he slapped his thigh

threw out the  trash and washed his hands
he waved to the clerk who quickly smiled
then took packets of sauce marked hot and mild. 

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