Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Visitor From Outer Space Reports Home

Among my travels I have seen wonders
of all kinds, some species live in the water

others on the land, some dig underground
while feathered friends take to the sky

according to recordings the upright
creature with an opposing thumb

considers itself the intelligent life
but from my observations they are quite dumb

covering themselves in ill fitting clothing
which limits their movement and the female of the species

walks around on unstable platforms leaving it off balance
and unable to run. I am most impressed with the beings

who fly, seem to find their way from here to there
with no maps, or machines, flock together

when they travel, seem content and get along.
The creatures in the sea are also impressive

streamlined and orderly, a perfect system
for food source and harmony communicating

with sound inhabiting the largest portion
of this world, traversing distances with extended families.

The tiniest inhabitants function efficiently evolving quickly
to changes in their environment working effectively

as one organism with assigned jobs to support the whole, 

living underground or in the trees, adapting

to climate and other world changes, surviving
natural disasters in great numbers able to eat

and digest most anything.
Humans seem to be allergic to everything

short tempered and don't get along
seeking to control 
or destroy life

yet can’t control their appetites, 
ingesting items unhealthy for survival.

I think these are the pests
and recommend 

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