Monday, October 8, 2012

Artist by Definition

By virtue of imagination, talent or skill
an artist has the ability to create works
of aesthetic value, whether it is a poem, photograph
painting, sculpture, story, song, performance.
To create something outside themselves
that resonates with another, awakening emotion
wonder and deep pleasure.

Instead of a Xerox machine that only duplicates
the work of another, artists must go to that place
where the ether holds the secrets of creation
and from that location assemble ideas made of air

into concrete reality making them accessible to other
living souls, and becomes a conduit for communication
from the sun, then the moon, and all life fragments,
newly assembled to stimulate new thinking
causing eyes to open and to see for the first time

a new paradigm awash in form, color and line
a picture of a young child 
eyes accentuated in sunlight, 
a perfect portrait of innocence and wonder
exposing him to the world awakening his artistry
one experience at a time.

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