Sunday, October 14, 2012

Married Couples

Aki from Japan believes in intuition 
and views the world through his sense of knowing
recognizing couples who belong together
synchronized in speech pattern and movements
often finishing each other’s sentences
laughing at the same jokes and bantering
from too many hours in close proximity.

I tested him on his knowledge at an open cafe 
we looked out on to the street and he guessed
which people had been together for awhile.
He could tell which old people were newlyweds
and which
ones had been together for several years.

We started up conversations and asked questions 
to verify the truth to his observations and he was right
all of the time. I asked him what clued him to the answer

and he said, “The longer they have been together,  
the more they look like brother and sister.
Even though they might be a different ethnicity
they still look like they're related to each other."  

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