Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Get Your Freak On

The daily news is filled with stories 
of women victimized through human trafficking
covered in burkas or oppressive rules
subjugated through traditions, religious
and political norms, cowering to the strength
of powerful men and they suffer under
the controlling hand until they decide
to get their freak on. 

To test the limits of conventions, 
expanding their world with spontaneous expressions 
of joy. It is seen when tribal women dance 
going beyond the drum beats to the soul
taking the colors of life and splashing them
onto the canvas and revealing their creative spirit.

At the beginning of life when flowers were made
in all shapes and sizes from the passion flower
to white daisies, every kind of lily and rose
individual expressions of life like dolphins
and rainbow colored guppies, 
each expression 
similar yet unique, especially when they get their freak on.

This call goes out to everyone, hang close to tradition
or get your freak on, unleashing the full potential
of your expression, choose it in how you dress,
decorate your home, or
 how you communicate
to the word about who you are in god’s plan
bringing love and happiness to all around
sparkling diamonds, aurora borealis, a fluttering
butterfly, or field of flowers,  get your freak on. 

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