Friday, October 12, 2012

First Autumn Storm

Thunder rumbled outside the window 
then the anticipated flash
raindrops followed in rapid succession
then as quickly it was all over.
The first storm of autumn
startling at best but hardly worthy
of the “storm watch” hyped on local TV news
no need to prepare, it was hardly worth the air time

At home across town a mother stayed home
with her sick toddler to build a fort
large enough for him to wile away
the hours deep in play staying in for lunch
long after his fever subsided
crawling out only long enough to invite
his daddy in to enjoy the quiet comfort
and privacy offered by a roof of cotton sheets
and flannel blanket floors.

In the office building on the seventh floor
he stood with his shirt tucked-in overlooking
the aftermath of the morning rainfall,
Across the sky a rainbow curved
leaving a reflection on the parking lot below
final relief from a heat wave of triple digit temps
ready for the change in season, shorter days
and cooler nights, with the promise of another
storm before autumn is through.

In contrast, out in some counties
the storm came and hovered above
pelting the cities with hail and rain
causing flash floods and mud flows
high drama for residents and business owners
river beds normally dry
 now rushing with water
backing up drains and funnel clouds
over in twenty four hours, then everything
back to normal again. 

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