Thursday, October 11, 2012

Crystal Cathedral

I have seen that crystal edifice
reflecting in the California sun
thinking, one day I would venture in
even though it was built by Protestants

but since the internal feuding
among the primary family of
has caused the building to be sold
to the Catholic diocese of Orange

I might walk in and take a look. 

The grand days of Christmas 
and Easter theater might be gone, 
maybe the mantel will be assumed 
by the new buyers who also like to dazzle

the Almighty, revealing the greatness of God
in the acoustics of crystal and
Maybe they will also be blinded by the light
in a building created from ego and vanity.

I remember the words of Rev. Schuler
on a flight to L.A. when he was told
he could not put his luggage in a service bay
and he rose up large and shouted,
“Do you know who I am?”

He thought he deserved special treatment
as the pastor of this crystal cathedral
a glittering example of his power on earth
a gem too alluring, seducing the caretakers
to indulge in folly and now it is the Catholics turn
to see if they can do any better. 

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