Thursday, June 18, 2009

That Ugly Girl Can Sing

Another poem written from headline news. This is a little dated and I've shared it with some but for those who haven't seen it here it is for the first time.

That Ugly Girl Can Sing

She wanted to be a star
to shine above her situation.
She was poor and unassuming,
ugly, as a matter of fact but
the only attention she received
was from her cat and her mum
who accepted her frizzy hair,
wide hips and raucous laughter
none of which she sought to change.

If she could dream,
she used to say,
if she could have anything
she’d like to sing upon a stage
to bring her voice to a larger audience
to be accepted or rejected
on her talent alone.
Why should she limit herself
because the world thought her ugly?

The opportunity came,
a talent contest, if selected
to go before a world audience
to belt out her song for everyone to hear.

In that bright light where she stood
with everyone’s eyes upon her.
The judges smirked,
the audience twittered
but she did not falter
and with the chance
she brought them to their feet
shouting to each other,
“That ugly girl can sing.”

See video Susan Boyle - Singer - Britain’s Got Talent 2009 (With Lyrics)

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