Monday, June 1, 2009

iRobot Dirt Dog

iRobot Dirt Dog

What a glorious name for a machine that has the potential to transform my time and keep my house clean with very little effort on my part. The whir, bump, roll, bump, whir, swish all music in the early morning hours. Two dust puppies form with all the fur and debris gathered already.

What does this have to do with art etc.? Simple. Tasks that take time away from art are time robbers. Finding tools and other resources to restore that time allows the artist to focus on her art.

Another great tool is sharp scissors. Yesterday Bill went to Michaels with a 40% coupon making a $25 pair of scissors very affordable. I couldn't believe how easy it was to cut the fleece I've been struggling with. Snip, slice, so easy and very nice.

Here is a poem to the iRobot


Engineers go to school to design
these finely tuned machines,
to take the work out of everyday
tasks, however mundane
and I, in my sincere desire
to have a clean floor,
will purchase said items
whatever the expense
and allow them full reign
of my home.

Whir, bump, swish, bump
the yellow disc moves across
the floor, whir, bump, swish
gathering up debris and dirt
bump, bump , bump, it finds
its way around most obstacles.

Whir, whir, across the expanse of floor
swish , swish - dirt and fur safely
trapped deep inside
the belly of my iRobot.

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  1. hehe, i am glad the dirt dog is a hit so far! ours keeps getting stuck under the bed and shrieks "Uh-Oh!" in a muffled panic from all the dust bunnies under there.

    you can find printable coupons here for craft projects - in case you need any more accessories for your animals :)