Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chance Poem

A chance poem is written by using 14 pairs of guide words from the dictionary then rearranging the words to form a poem. What comes out is often a surprise to the writer because it allows random thoughts to converge. I've also formed it into a shape poem. If this works it should look like an ace of spades.

Wall Street


capitalists sought

ways to defraud the public.

Waging against the odds, they found

the sorceress huddled at the side of the road.

Her long braid hung down her back like a wispy tail

suggesting wisdom but they believed it was ruse to elicit

sympathy. The businessmen tried not to express their disgust,

because to them, she was a dumpy whore, with dull incantations

surrounded by stories exaggerating her ability to spew spells of

magic with skilled witchery. They finished their interactions treating
her like a naive teenager and much to their chagrin she soaked them
in bile and today they appear like damaged artifacts on the world
stage. Carriages bring the curious to observe the sight. Eruption
at the point of devastation transfixes their views. Many
sing hymns and some use humor to dispel their moods
but the arrogance of Wall Street precluded
this untidy end.
Karma seeks revenge,
however long overdue.

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