Monday, June 8, 2009

Mama Needs A Little Time

Mama needs some peace and quiet
for everything to stay clean awhile
a time that’s uninterrupted
a space to call her own.

She needs to think her own thoughts
with a moment to write them down
to take a bath and soak for hours
to be a person for a while.

She is happy you want to sing,
“I love you,” one hundred times
outside the bathroom door… just not now.

Later she will wipe your face
and lift you up to carry you,
and clean the milk you spilled
eating your chocolate chip cookies.

Tomorrow she will plan a party
and spend all day at Disneyland,
but for today it will be okay
to let Daddy read you a story
and tonight, he will be the one to tuck you in.

Mama just needs one minute… maybe more
to take a breath and get some rest
and then she’ll be back all refreshed
to be a mom again. Just give mama a little time.

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