Friday, June 5, 2009

Tattered Slippers

I watch my youngest grandson, Danny on Fridays. He loves dinosaurs.
He used to bring his toy dinosaurs with him but Humphrey loves anything Danny and when Danny puts the toys down, the dog takes off with them to chew them up.

In memory of my dog who likes to chew here is a classic poetry
form called a Villanelle. It has a specific rhyme pattern.

Tattered Slippers

Tattered slippers are scattered covered in drool
A small shimmering trinket, a buckle, a hook
Get Humphrey, my lab, to an obedience school.

Pieces from the recliner and little foot stool
Tossed in the living room wherever I look

Tattered cushions are scattered covered in drool

Where is the remote, my eye glasses and tools?
Why are my things not left where I look?
Get Humphrey, my lab, to an obedience school.

Before he ran out to play in the pool
He knocked over the trash can and carelessly shook
Tattered rubbish, now scattered and covered in drool

I think I am correct he must be part mule
He is stubborn and refuses to learn from a book
Get Humphrey, my lab, to an obedience school.

Perhaps he will learn to play games that are cool
Like chase a ball, roll over, or swim in a brook.

No more tattered slippers all covered in drool.
Humphrey, my lab, went to obedience school.

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  1. And now he just drags your husband through the neighborhood... who's walking who?