Tuesday, June 9, 2009

His Car Wouldn't Start

Daddy shouted, "He's no good for you."
Mama cried, "Use your senses girl."
My friends tried to talk me out of it
but I ran away with him because
he wore a cowboy hat and mullet.

I met him after midnight
with my suitcase fully packed,
but his car didn't start and there we sat,
waiting for a boost, or a little push
so we could get to Vegas by sun up.

We watched the moon traverse the sky,
darkness shattered by the dawn,
while we sat there at the curb
unable to elope because
he couldn’t turn his motor on.

Grease beneath his fingernails
mucus on his mustache,
teeth stains and armpit sweat
all exposed with the rising sun.

I crept inside my house again
left him sitting in his car
all because he couldn't start it.

1 comment:

  1. Very vivid picture you've painted here. I pulled back a bit when I read the next to last paragraph.