Saturday, February 15, 2014

Time to Get Organized

The first thing I see is the computer 
with a little white post-it stuck to the corner 
and a message written in my grandson's scrawl,
 “I love you a lot!! ” 
Right next to it is a yellow note 
where he wrote  “I luv u,”  
earlier that year. 
His mother worries 
that his handwriting is too sloppy 
but I say he knows how to communicate 
and that is important after all.

He tells me my room is too messy 
and I guess with the Singer sewing machine 
sitting under the romance novels 
with unfinished assignments 
and dream cards within easy reach, 
butting up against the easel 
filled with canvases 
of melting colors 
and swirls of emotion. 
He has a point, 
but the dust settles on everything 
giving it a uniform look 
and one day I will pull it all together,
I promise. 

Maybe one of those decorator shows 
can come and transform the space 
in 30 minutes or less
after they straighten out the chaos
in the front room.

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