Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Musings From The 24th Floor

never lived 
in the heart 
of a city 
the safety 
of suburbia, 
a perfect place 
to raise a family, 
away from 
the traffic 
and the noise 
but not as 
and alone 
as the countryside.

safe havens
are awash in flames
      the security         
of gated communities,
life savings
and investments
all endangered practices.

I’ve witnessed
the fall of the
Twin Towers
and the buckling
of Wall Street.
Even the
housing industry,
which was once
 a get rich scheme,
is now a wasteland
of abandoned dreams.

I’ve got
to regroup,
rethink, retool,
to determine
what is important.
to let go of excuses
and loss of hope
and create a future
worth living.

It’s time to cut
out excess and waste
and get my feet back
on the ground
if things are going
to turn around.

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