Thursday, February 27, 2014

Let The Rain Fall

Let it fall from the sky and splash on to the roof
down the drains into the gutters and out to sea

let the parched earth absorb the liquid nectar
into the dusty and barren landscapes

Let the soil quench it’s thirst

storing it deep inside in caverns and underground
tributaries, filling reservoirs and river ways

later to nourish plants to provide food, shade

and beauty.

Let the rain fall late into the night

and the next day, gentle and steady

no need for torrents and drama, no thunder and lightning
but a steady flow of water to stem the drought

let prayers be answered and homes be spared

save us from potential fires and mudslides

Let us run out in our underwear and dance in jubilation
let the water drip from our noses and like a hedonistic

wild children let's scream out to the sky a song of gratitude
let our voices join in unison to celebrate

the rain and a promise of new life. 

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