Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Never Too Late To Fall In Love

Her first love was physical attraction
had two kids but he had an untimely end
before the kids were grown
misses him when she’s alone.

The next one was for financial gain
she was tired of living poor
provided an instant family for him
by mutual agreement they made a home.

Then all those years trying to cope
after he lost his wealth and forgot his name
he finally died and left her shy of getting
involved with another guy.  

A third one came along, too old she thought,
but he persisted so she gave in.
His wealth secure, so was his health
his character and his spiritual side

above reproach but most of all
he loved to give and doted on her
like a caring father, devoted lover,
and most of all... a faithful friend.

She’s glad she didn’t resist his charms
found frequently in each other's arms
chatting away into the night
proving it's never too late to love again. 

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