Thursday, February 28, 2013

Reuniting in a Dream

I finally fell asleep
after 2:00 A.M. but then entered
a dream that brought me to a high school reunion.
I was young again and wore a red dress

with a long sash tied to the shoulder
my hair was up at the sides
but left to flow down my back
it was thick and wavy like I remember it.

I walked into a room to sit with women
I didn’t know so I kept looking around
for someone I recognized

I saw a principal who sat
on the panel that hired me
seems we were better friends then I recalled.

Conversation was cordial
we hurried to catch a monorail
that took us to the snow

we sped across the open terrain
admired cities along the mountain sides
talking about highlights after all these years.

Then we went our separate ways
a diamond bracelet covered my tattoo
I met you and we walked down the path

hand in hand, together again. 

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