Tuesday, February 26, 2013


What brings the faithful
to a church with stained glass windows
in a big box where they pray
with others like themselves?

Seems a better place would be in an open field
where they can see the clouds and sky
hear the birds and see the flowers
to celebrate the god above and be grateful
for the many blessings.

Perhaps in the box it is easier for the rules 

to control the people, herded into a confined room
to hear the word of god, read from ancient
scripture, interpreted by a man upon a pedestal

because in the freedom of an open space
plenty of sunlight and natural stimulation
each individual might get their own message
from the bounty of the lord they wish to celebrate.

Better to be controlled in an environment
with a crucified cross on the altar
to remind the congregation of the fierceness

of a god who would sacrifice his only son

and demand compensation from the sinful,
a blood offering for t
he willful disobedience
of their ancestors. 

If I am to call God my father
I look at my own Daddy
and know that he would never ask for my life
he would offer his own instead

protecting me from harm, doing whatever it took
and forgiving me for my trespasses

teaching me how love transcends sin
holding me in the safety of his loving arms. 

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