Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fashion Flaws

She stands in place along the row
of tables to sew pre-cut patterns
for school uniforms

those tweed patterns of blue and green
jumpers for the little ones and skirts,
for the teenage girls

the rat-a-tat-tat of the sewing machines
create an identical look for the Catholic lasses
a perfect standardized look
designed to neutralize status

like bricks in the wall
little soldiers in the army of the lord
committed to doctrine, prayer and good works
a cut above the rest 
better than those in public schools.

but when she is out on her own
away from the tutelage of women in robes
free to wander the town 

she hikes the skirt
above her thighs, unrolls her socks
up to her knees and walks down the street
so wild and free, 

hungry for the wild sideof life, 
where the lights are bright
and boulevard cruised by unsavory types, 

mysterious and tattooed.

Quickly slipping back to the safety of home
loved by her mother and father
trusted by her sisters and brothers
to do the right thing and walk the narrow path
towards heaven’s gate 

leaving the gutters and grime
for the impoverished ones
standing in a row 
with others 
who must sew to make ends meet. 

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