Monday, February 25, 2013

Path to the Oscars

For some, the path is short,
acknowledged at an early age
put upon the public stage and admired.

Too soon they fade from view
forgotten except as a tribute
on some misplaced list brought up
to be remembered in memorandum.

For others the path is clear
frequently nominated but never chosen
watching others walk away with the coveted
golden statue every year.

There are those whose work is profitable,
bankable figures on the silver screen,
liked by many except 
the esteemed members
of the academy.

Then there is Meryl Streep 
and Daniel Day Lewis, 

three time sweeps
taking home an Oscar 

almost every time they’re nominated.

For the majority the Academy is a chance
to get dressed up, walk the red carpet
attend the parties and more than likely

walk home without an Oscar. 

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