Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Snowstorm in Flagstaff

Traveling along a four lane highway
in the middle of a snowstorm
thrilling for the initiate
dangerous for the qualified

A patch of black ice
and everything changes
a semi truck slides off
the edge of the mountain

Sprinkles like powder sugar
cover the windshield
layers of white dust
camouflage surrounding areas

Sudden bursts from
branches laden with snow
poof and then again poof
like fireworks along the roadway

Several deer in the meadow
elk on the rocks
along the sky line, subtle
movements give them away

Before the storm is done
slush like a 7/11 treat
spilled upon the asphalt
causing cars to slide about

Once seasons
had a definite division
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
but lately boundaries smudge

My camera can’t catch
what I have described
the lens fogs and image blurs
trapped in memory for eternity.

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