Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ghosts Still Live Here

Pilgrims worldwide
converge on the green mesa

tracing paths of ancestors
who migrated from this hillside

leaving homes under the overhang
exquisite sandstone masonry

Inhabitants lived in harmony
for many generations

Was it a drought that sent them away?
Over-hunted, over-planted, over-populated?

Mothers took their families and headed
south from this cliffside community

forging new lives in New Mexico, Arizona
and Texas away from Colorado’s Mesa Verde.

They became known as the Pueblos of the:
Hopi, Isleta, Zuni and Navajo

Their ghosts still wander here, discover
their stories in the dust on the hillside.

Early this morning I had a dream where I saw my mother playing in the ocean with my two younger brothers. A large wave knocked her over. I ran towards her but reminded myself she died a long time ago. On 4/21/11, I got word Aunt Margaret, my mom's last living sister, passed away. She was ninety.

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