Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor

Those glorious eyes first stared out from the big screen
with Lassie Come Home and National Velvet. Everyone
fell in love with her. Her emerging womanhood
revealed In Father of the Bride and A Place in the Sun.

Then Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was emblazoned
in the vernacular with Elizabeth’s steaming portrayal
of Maggie, the frustrated wife, in the film version
of the famous Tennessee Williams play.

Violet eyes and rosebud lips on that flawless face
continued to seduce the camera. Contrasts of innocence
and harlot - roles juxtaposed against her real life
with too many marriages, tragedies and scandals.

Everything done in the public’s view, seeking
her own way to find true love; Hilton, Wilding,
Todd, Fisher, Burton, Warner and Fortensky.
A serial bride if ever there was one.

We watched her with Burton in Cleopatra
and Whose Afraid of Virginia Wolf - from
temptress to mature woman always a star.
Friend to King of Pop and Queen of England,

Aids Activist, perfume and jewelry designer,
diamond collector and mother to Michael,
Christopher, Liza and Marie
She is now poised beyond the reach of light
leaving behind a legacy - life to the fullest.

Our simple lives made richer by one who dared
to reach for all that fame had to offer,
Her rhythms, unmeasured and intense, her heart
now beats beyond the earth above the edge of sound.

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