Friday, April 1, 2011

Picture Perfect Life

A little photo shop and the eyes will glisten
hiding tantrums and pouting before the pictures
forcing the reluctant model to pose for another
session with false smiles perfectly framed
suggesting to any viewer an idyllic life.

The problem with this kind of practice
is the discrepancy between reality
and those staged events. It confuses
every observer and after time no one
remembers the horrors imposed by the

wiles of the photographer to portray
a life in harmony. Think of Lindsay Lohan
or Brittany Spears, facades of lifestyles
so great it leaves their own in shambles
hidden in a fog of addictions to: drugs,
sex, shopping, or obsessions. Yet we are
compelled to watch a man like Charlie Sheen,
ranting for the cameras, taking his show

to several towns across America, exposing
his vast number of sins. The messy part
of glamour - no bodyguard or family member
can protect him from his own vanity,
or an aggressive desire by others
to exploit him for monetary gain.

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